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Celebrating Breastfeeding through Viusal Art


The Alaska Breastfeeds Statewide Juried Art Exhibition is the 2014 brainchild of the Fairbanks Breastfeeding Coalition (a local subsidiary of the Alaska Breastfeeding Coalition), designed to be an artistic celebration on the theme of breastfeeding. 


Since its inception in Fairbanks, the show has grown to include the entire state.  We welcome submissions from any area of the state of Alaska, in any artistic medium, and hope to the see the show hosted in every corner of the state.  So far, the show has been hosted in the interior by the Fairbanks Breastfeeding Coalition and in Juneau by the Juneau Breastfeeding Alliance, the latter of which will again host the 2021 show.  


If your local breastfeeding group would like to host the show in 2022 or another year in the future, please let us know!  

Sadly, due to COVID-19 and public health mandates, the 2020 Alaska Breastfeeds show was cancelled.  The 2021 show will generously be hosted by the Juneau Breastfeeding Alliance via the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council state-of-the-art virtual gallery for the month of September, 2021.

Call for Entries




Artists residing in any part of the state of Alaska may submit work for the 2021 Show via the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council platform by 11:59 p.m. August 15, 2021. Artists are limited to a maximum of three entries.  INFO & DEADLINES FOR THE 2022 SHOW ARE FORTHCOMING!

Download the official show prospectus & call for entries HERE.


The juror will consider the artist’s interpretation of the breastfeeding experience, as well as the technical and creative merit of the artwork.  Breastfeeding does not need to be the primary subject matter, but must be included conceptually.


All artistic styles and media are invited; submissions must be at least 6” on the shortest side.  A juror’s choice award and an honorable mention will be selected, each of which includes a cash prize.


In addition, members of the Alaska Breastfeeding Coalition (ABC) will select one artwork to be used as an image for that year's statewide breastfeeding promotional poster.  This award also carries a cash prize. Once printed, the poster featuring the selected artwork may be displayed in public areas to promote the normalization of breastfeeding.  Artwork selected for the poster will positively promote breastfeeding as a normal, healthy, and natural way of feeding a baby or child in Alaska.  Breastfeeding does not need to be the primary subject matter, but it must be included conceptually.

Please contact Taryn Bliss with any questions at

Juror & Exhibition

The 2021 host is the Juneau Breastfeeding Alliance.

All submitted artwork will be considered by 2021 juror Evon Zerbetz for inclusion in the 6th Annual Alaska Breastfeeds juried art exhibition.


The Juneau Breastfeeding Alliance is again hosting the show this year.  They have arranged to have the exhibit on display virtually at the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council’s online gallery for the month of September, 2021.  Please check back later for information on this year's award winners and for a virtual First Friday opening!  

Would your community be interested in hosting the show next year?  We'd love to see the show travel to all corners of the state!   Any community wishing to host the show will receive administrative support from the Fairbanks Breastfeeding Coalition Art Show subcommittee.  Please contact Taryn at for more information!  


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The Archives: Past Alaska Breastfeeds Art Exhibitions

Bond - Robin Chapman.jpg

Host: Juneau Arts & Humanities Council Virtual Gallery

Juror: Evon Zerbetz


Host: Juneau Breastfeeding Association & Bustin' Out Boutique, Juneau, AK

Juror: Kathleen Wayne

Lewis, Sarah - If Only I Had Another Set of Hands_edited.jpg

Host: Fairbanks Breastfeeding Coalition & Fairbanks Public Health Center

Juror: Sara Tabbert

Kyna Moser - May Day March_edited.jpg

Host: Fairbans Breastfeeding Coalition & Fairbanks Public Health Center

Juror: Somer Hahm

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