Our Mission: ​

The Alaska Breastfeeding Coalition strives to inspire, empower, and support families 

in their breastfeeding goals through education, advocacy, and systems change.

Core Values:​

* Advocacy * Collaboration *

* Diversity * Education * Empowerment * 

* Health Equity * Inclusion *

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A message from the ABC Board:

The Alaska Breastfeeding Coalition Board believes that Black and Indigenous lives, families and communities matter and acknowledge that our country’s legacy is a history of racism and ongoing systemic inequities. Only targeted actions can begin to heal pain and advance health equity. We have been working hard to expand our collaboration with other Alaskan organizations which support breastfeeding and maternal/child health.

We the Board, and members of the Alaska Breastfeeding Coalition, welcome all voices and perspectives in our mission to empower families in their breastfeeding goals. Our vision is a Healthy Alaska Through Breastfeeding. That vision is only possible with the commitment to strive toward equity for all lives of Black, Indigenous, or otherwise marginalized communities through our mission to support education, advocacy, and fostering systems change.

The ABC and the individuals who lead it will stumble, take missteps and fall in our work. From our hearts we strive to be supportive by listening to the guiding voices of those around us through the current and ongoing thoughtful, sometimes painful, and respectful discussions, and continued education on the issues involved.

Please join us for our summer sessions in June, July, and August.  Case studies on June 3rd will be conducted via ZOOM at BP Energy Center, out of an abundance of caution, we will not have their building open for groups.

The ABC Board of Directors has secured the new dates of September 21-22, 2020 for the postponed April Conference. Please visit our EVENTS page to review minor changes to the agenda and to complete/repeat your registration, available now!

Please go to the News & Resources page for links previously posted on personal and professional information related to Breastfeeding & COVID-19. This includes a special link for sharing and reading stories of how COVID-19 has impacted infant feeding all over the country.

Our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion:

The Alaska Breastfeeding Coalition values inclusion, diversity, and equity as core values, embracing meaningful participation by diverse stakeholders, and seeks varied viewpoints. All people who desire to work to promote our mission and vision are welcome as members of the Alaska Breastfeeding Coalition. We do not discriminate by position, gender, race, national origin, creed, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, family status, formal education, life experience, religion, communication styles, geographic location, work-related skill sets and experience.

For additional support, check out these resources: https://www.rootmama.co/blog/top-black-breastfeeding-orgs


Dr. Heidi Koslo, ABC President