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#TBT World Breastfeeding Week 2015

This sweet "Throwback Thursday" is courtesy of Robin Chapman.

It's apparently World Breastfeeding Week 2015. Did you know that? Some of you did. I kind of missed it. I was busy, you know, keeping my kids from burning down my house. But anyway... Since it is, and I'm not sure when else I'd get to share this with the world...

Breastfeeding realities, in two parts. I. Did you know you can shampoo carpet while nursing a 21 lb kid? I didn't either. But evidently it's an option. I just shampooed a whole Bamboo Panda's worth of soy sauce from my carpet. (That's a whole other story that involves yogurt making and Katherine.) But Brian was hungry. So that happened.

II. This. Sometimes breastfeeding involves a velociraptor. See? Two things that I'll bet you didn't know. Because Breastfeeding Week. You are welcome.

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