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Fairbanks Welcomes BabyCafe

The Fairbanks Breastfeeding Coalition is thrilled to share that they have established the first BabyCafe site in the state of Alaska.

BabyCafe is a non-profit organization with sites all across the USA. Each site offers professional-level breastfeeding support free of charge and in a setting where attendees can socially connect with others and mutually support each other.

The Fairbanks BabyCafe is entirely staffed by certified IBCLC staff who volunteer their time and effort through the Fairbanks Coalition. The funding to establish the Cafe came through local donors, thanks to partnership with local nonprofit Our 2 Cents, who helped fundraise.

The Cafe currently meets each Monday evening from 5:30 to 7:30 pm via Zoom and is open to any local postpartum moms, expecting moms, and partners. (The Cafe hopes to resume in-person meetings when the pandemic ends.)

E-mail fairbanksbabycafe@gmail for more information.

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